The world is shifting, time and space only exist as relative to their observers, and destiny has been broken.
Heroes and villains must step forward into greatness.
They must Inspire Fate.

Adventure is Waiting

Statement of Purpose: Create a world with supporting mechanics for the online environment; especially accounting for play-by-post, real-life complications, etc.

Concept: A sandbox, play-by-post campaign intended to make use of the limitations of the medium by integrating them into the story. The primary limitation to be addressed is ‘the real-life priority’ limitation – namely, that real-life should and often does take precedence over the game. Ideally, Inspire Fate will allow those players’ characters to fade seamlessly in and out of the setting without disturbing their enjoyment or the enjoyment of other players. Secondary is integrating ‘speed-of-plot’ into the story without breaking the fourth wall; these mechanics should enhance the setting rather than detract from it. Tertiary concerns include plug-n-play functionality so that other game-masters can easilly adopt the material for their campaigns.

Medium: Inspire Fate will be played using Pathfinder RPG rules and posts will be made in response to this post on the Dicefreaks forum and PbP dice rolls will be made using Invisble Castle; live sessions may be scheduled and will use mIRC – however, the results of these sessions will be posted in the adventure log on Obsidian Portal (which will obviously be used as well.)